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Johnny Marr has spoken about writing songs for Blondie, and his role in The Cribs.

The guitarist has enjoyed a fruitful solo career, with stints in Modest Mouse and The Cribs, before his current impressive solo run. Taking time out to chat with Shaun Keaveney on his always-essential podcast The Line-Up, Johnny Marr discussed a few of his extra-curricular projects.

Set to tour with Blondie, it turns out that the Mancunian musician has also penned a song for them. Having previously written Blondie’s ‘My Monster’, he’s also contributed ideas towards the New York band’s incoming album.

“I’ve written another new one for the new current record that they’re recording. I don’t know whether it will end up on the album, you never know. But they seemed to really like it…”

“It’s a new level of wow for me because they are my lyrics, Debbie’s singing my lyrics and then she what wanted another one, because ‘My Monster’ I wrote specifically for Blondie and then you know, it went well. So then they asked me if I got any more. So I wrote another one for Blondie. But they took so long recording it, I did it myself. It was on the B-side of a seven-inch single. I wasn’t about to put it on an album, just in case, but that’s called ‘Spectral Eyes’. And it’s again, it was one that I specifically wrote for Blondie. So on a lyrical level, you know that people covering songs that I write the words to you is you know, that’s something I never imagined, really frankly.”

It’s the latest in a long line of collaborations. Discussing his penchant for team work, the guitarist admits: “Well, first off, I’m very good at being in bands!”

“So that’s the thing about even though I’ve, you know, appear to hop around and have hopped around all over the place, which I have, you know what I mean? That’s just me having my cake and eating it frankly, because the bands that I’ve been invited to either work with on a temporary basis or certainly join… I mean, who would turn down being the guitar player in The The in 1990 or 88, whenever it was I did it, with Matt who is one of the closest people in my life… and also given what was going on in my personal life, behind the scenes with The Smiths split.”

“Who wouldn’t want to go out and be the guitar player in The Pretenders and Chrissy that again was what people don’t quite realise is that has a massive impact on my personal life as well and forming these relationships. But I’m also, as I say, I believe I’m very good at being in bands.”

Looking back in his time with The Cribs – he toured and recorded with the Jarmans – he comments: “So when I was in The Cribs, I brought stuff into the being in the band not only an enthusiasm, but that really goes back to one of those fifteen/sixteen, you know, because it’s my life. And it might be to do with decisions about you know, where we’re going to play or what producers were going to use or what we’re going to do that day or how we’re going do mixes or management. I mean, just all of that stuff, you know, I’m good at it.”

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Photo Credit: Aldo Lloren

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