Jim Jones Suggests A Verzuz Battle Between Hit-Boy & Hitmaka

Jim Jones Suggests A Verzuz Battle Between Hit-Boy & Hitmaka

Hitmaka reacts to diss track from Hit-Boy.

Hit-Boy recently teamed up with The Alchemist for a new collab “Slippin Into Darkness”, where both producers rapped bars over each other beats. Hit-Boy’s lyrics were in the trend as he took shots at a number of other producers, including Hitmaka.

Now in a new interview on SiriusXM’s Billboard Live, Hitmaka states that he doesn’t want to respond to Hit-Boy with rap bars. “I already did it, but it’s just like, look,” he said. “I’m an executive, right? So, that’s not my plight. He’s trying to become a respected rapper. I already have multiple plaques. I’ve sold 10 million records as a rapper before.”

“He hasn’t went gold yet before, so he’s working and building his craft up on that level. So what, I come back and rap, then he come back and rap again? Like, no. Nobody’s getting caught up in the hoopla.”

“Look, this what I was really saying,” he continued. “And I’m gonna say it better so he’s not upset and throwing a hissy fit and doing his producer ‘Control’ rap or whatever over beats that’ll never be on the radio, like I explained before. Me being an executive, me being a producer, if someone is an A&R in the game or if you’re working for Billboard Records and you have an artist, you would go tap in with Hit-Boy for some of that boom bap or something like that.”

“But if you wanted a single for a mainstream record with one of those crazy flips, with one of those crazy hooks that we’re speaking about, 99.9 percent of the time, you’re gonna hit me. And that’s all I was saying.”

“I wasn’t disrespecting him,” Hitmaka added. “I was just saying, ‘Yo, I’m the mainstream guy, you’re that guy, and it’s all love and there’s enough space for us to coexist.’ But if you want me to just pop my sh*t, he’s just a terrible rapper, I’m just an amazing producer.”

The interview also featured Jim Jones, who was there to promote his new joint project with Hitmaka “Back In My Prime“. The Dipset rapper suggested that both producers should settle things with a Verzuz showdown. “I told you how we could settle this bit. A Verzuz, a pass-the-aux Verzuz, all hits,” he said. “Let’s see who got the most hits out there. F**k the rapping, let’s get to the hits. We ain’t gotta rap a bar, you heard?”


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