Jesse® – Joker Lyrics

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Can’t play your game, so take me away
But without me, you’re incomplete
I’m the missing piece, trick or a treat
Smile on my face, laughing and joking
Usually lonely, and if you hold me
I’ll make you stronger, I wanna do that
Oh, it’s driving me mad, I want what you have

Oh, what a shame, no one to blame
Without escape, tears on my face
Call me insane, put me in a box
Tell me who I am and all that I’m not
Are you confused? I know, me too
Winning or losing, I don’t need a suit
Put me on trial and I’ll tell the truth
If you want me to

Diamonds and spades, Jack of all trades
I’m having trouble not finding my place
Been around kings, I had a queen
Lost in the club with my heart on my sleeve
I can’t behave, lock me away
Learning to juggle and losing my faith

Live to get ahead of the race
Necessary evil
Always gonna feel out of place
Room full of people

Can’t play your game, I tried to change
Painted my face, made a new name
Are you entertained?

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