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Modern music legend Jenny Lewis will release new album ‘Joy’All’ on June 9th.

The songwriter recently signalled her return, and it seems a new project is on the horizon. New album ‘Joy’All’ – joy to you all, essentially – is out on June 9th, pieced together at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A alongside producer Dave Cobb.

Entering the studio with iPhone demos, the duo worked with alacrity, sketching out songs quickly. Jenny Lewis explains…

“Dave works fast and we cut the bulk of the record with his incredible house band (Nate Smith, Brian Allen and Cobb on guitar, and myself on acoustic guitar & vocals) live on the floor in a couple of weeks. Jess Wolfe came back to the studio to provide background vocals on the record and then Greg Leisz and Jon Brion added pedal steel, B-Bender guitar and Chamberlin, respectively, back in L.A..”

Curiously, the material owes a debt to a Zoom-based writing camp hosted by Beck during the pandemic. She continues:

“I started writing some of these songs on the road, pre-pandemic… and then put them aside as the world shut down, and then from my home in Nashville in early 2021, I joined a week-long virtual songwriting workshop with a handful of amazing artists, hosted by Beck. The challenge was to write one song every day for seven days, with guidelines from Beck. The guidelines would be prompts like ‘write a song with 1-4-5 chord progression,’ ‘write a song with only cliches,’ or ‘write in free form style.’ The first song I submitted to the group was ‘Puppy and a Truck.’”

New song ‘Psychos’ is online now, and its typically dazzling – imbued with all the radiance you’ve come to expect from Jenny Lewis, it nonetheless tugs her work in a distinctly different direction.

Tune in now.

Puppy and a Truck
Apples and Oranges
Essence of Life
Giddy Up
Cherry Baby
Love Feel
Chain of Tears

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