Jeezy & DJ Drama – SNOFALL Lyrics

SNOFALL Mp3 Download Torrent 320kbps CDQ Itunes Song by Jeezy & DJ Drama

Can’t lie its been a rocky road
N**** I been busy like a chef on the windy hills at the pappadeaux
Still grinding like its pots and Os
Amalfi coast, tell solo hit my line when the deal is closed
Billionaire mindset yea goals is goals
Whats up we just get the wap n****, hoes is hoes
Pink slips and the deeds yea we live for those
Lube em up with the Grease, like the Mykonos

Rob the dope game crook, I might write a book
100 deep in magic city I had n***** shook

9p for 5 bands I had n***** hooked
Franky Beverly and mays yea that n**** booked
One thing a n**** never took was nothing n****
Even when I had the duct tape twith stuffing n****
100 bricks in 7 days thought I was bluffin n****
92 sold the other 8 im cuffing n****
What we talking n****, pots or plaques this or that
Difference is cappers cap, actual facts
N***** got indicted had to fade to black
Wasn’t locking up told em bring it back
Got more songs with Jay-z than Biggy Smalls
Half a mill on the verse hid it in the wall
Got the pit house my neighbors think im playin ball
Swear to god they told Deniece my name was john wall
Street n**** and im famous sippin on camous
Shell companies an LLC’s remain nameless
My accountant on 24 hour call, got it poppin like a 24 hour mall
Sports industry 99 all player
Street n**** might sign a ball player
N***** hard at hearin I done told yall
The winter time the only time the snow fall
Rari white on white bitch it aint hard to tell with them Georgia plates bitch all I fear is jail
Master piece rollie yea I got it with the scale ??
Everybody lookin yea my top just fell
N***** hard at hearin look I done told yall but ima show yall
Master piece rollie yea I got it with the scale
Everybody lookin yea my top just fell

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