Jeezy, DJ Drama & Lil Durk – Most Hated Lyrics

Most Hated Mp3 Download Torrent 320kbps CDQ Itunes Song by Jeezy, DJ Drama & Lil Durk

Man, we gonna celebrat this shit tonight
Roll yo weed up, pour your drinks up, we up n****
Lets goo

Hunnid on my wrist, 30 in that clip
Ima push one button swear to god top just gone flip
Pink slips no leases, fuck it im facetious
When this shit drop I aint bout to be doin no more features

Iono like them n***** anyway I say fuck them n***** erday
When you see me you dont see me yea bitch n**** better look the other way
Call a duty this is not a game FN knock you out the frame, sig on me it’ll do the same
Big dog in a phantom , hoggin lanes, fuck em all got on all thechains
Went legit still thinking caine, N**** try to count a n**** out, last time you seen a n**** count
Ion like them n***** anyway, I say fuck them n***** erday
Im the type a n**** make a phone call send them n***** in a cheverolet
Im so faded, bottles gold plated tonight we celebrate it im most hated x2

Me im the voice and im hated the most
Been would have slid, we in war with a ghost
In the police department denied that was scared to go do a show
We lap in the winter, it’s easy to think you lacking in snow
Brodie be capping, you know he a napkin, you know he gone bllllllrrr wiping his nose
Yea I be hearing the rumor like n***** be having me scared
They should be having me dead
N***** be asking what happened to virgil, like n**** should be asking what happen to two of your mans
Brought me the body, he look me right in the eyes and he told me he’ll do it again
Go on a hit and you miss, I bet you not going again
Im from the raq and we not preaching about killing, we tapping them right on the back
Im from the raq bro this ain’t wifey, you picking me up, she gone get in the back
You listen to presachers and teachers, you listen to all your bitches
I listen Yak, they want that blow, aye bro thrown on Sno, the city wanna hear that crack ayeee

Im so faded, bottles gold plated tonight we celebrate it im most hated x2

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