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American saxophonist James Brandon Lewis has shared new song ‘The Blues Still Blossoms’.

The instrumentalist seems to tap into the pan-generational spirits that guide Black American art, while still pursuing doggedly individual goals. Lauded by everyone from Sonny Rollins to Thurston Moore, his new album ‘Eye Of I’ lands on February 3rd.

Trance-inducing new song ‘The Blues Still Blossoms’ has a profoundly lyrical quality, coupled with a desire to break beyond the rules. Avant garde while still profoundly melodic, the song has a deeply mediative quality, with its cyclical framework returning again and again to that anchor-point.

“I was thinking about miles of blue fields, that was the visual in my mind,” James Brandon Lewis says of the song. “I wanted a blues that sounded like it was floating and never ending. And new, refreshing. The piece is built on word-like phrasing – I’m not thinking about time at all. It’s like a breathing walk, or a conversation.”

Online now, you can tune in below, or catch a live performance of the song – featuring the trio Chris Hoffman (electronic chello) and Max Jaffe (drums) – after the jump.

Tune in now.

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