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Hussy returns with new single ‘Jellybean’.

The songwriter – South London’s Sophie Nicole Ellison – released her impressive debut EP early this year, and has been quietly beavering away on a follow-up. The new project is slated to emerge next year, and ‘Jellybean’ leads the way.

An artist whose lyrics are forever on-point, ‘Jellybean’ finds Hussy playing with some neat, cutting humour. It’s all self-deprecating, though, with the South London artist demanding that she stops taking it all so seriously.

You get swept up in that neat, choppy verse, before the dynamic chorus comes crashing in to wash you away. Out now on Rock Hag, it’s another pivot from Hussy, who produced and played all instrumentation herself.

She comments…

“‘Jellybean’ was my response to the crazy things going on in the world and how I needed some escape  by indulging in a lot of guilty pleasure music from a more epic time. As someone who naturally gravitates towards writing more slow sad sounding songs, I found myself getting caught up in that headspace and really needing a respite from that…”

“Lyrically it’s a bit sarcastic and I’m poking fun at my disappointments in people and the selfishness of the world. ‘Jellybean’ is my place to vent and not take myself too seriously within a song.”

Tune in now.

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