Hudson Rose – Rules of Breaking Up Lyrics

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If there was a text book I’d have read it
Sitting in the front row every lesson
What to do, what to say, should I hit you up?
What’s a break? How much space? Can I call your mum?
Give me a clue cause I don’t get it

I’m trying to learn
What I’m sposed to do

I aint good with rules of breaking up
Yeah the whole thing sucks
I never seem to follow them I just get stuck
In a circle, going round and round
I think I’ve driven every corner of this old town
As a reaction or a distraction
Cause I ain’t giving you the satisfaction
Of knowing
I’m crying in my car
While you’re sitting at the bar
I aint good with rules of breaking up

Oh they say time will do the healing
But it’s been six months and I still feel it
Could it be that I’m still driving past your house
See your mum and dad when I know you’re out
I know it is, but we’ll say it isn’t

No good, no good at breaking up
No good, no good at breaking up

I was walking down Sunset
When you caught my eye, in your classic white and Levi’s
And we started talking
About nothing at all but we stayed up all night

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