Hit-Boy & Nas Releases New Song & Video “The Tide”

Hit-Boy & Nas Releases New Song & Video "The Tide"

Hit-Boy and Nas connect on “The Tide”.

Hit-Boy is prepping the release of his new album “Surf Or Drown” which is scheduled to drop this week on 24th March. The super producer decided to put out more new material before the album release as he connects with his go-to collaborator Nas for a brand new song called “The Tide”.

“I caught the bus in the cold, ‘fore I ever touched the icy watch / Stood on my square, now these ni**as want me stuck in a box / Checkin’ the rear-view in the Urus, had to circle the block / ‘Cause when you make it from the bottom, they gon’ come for your top,” raps Hit-Boy.

The song arrives with a music video, and it follows up his previous offering “Slipping Into Darkness” with The Alchemist.

Watch the video below.

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