HARD-ONS new album ‘RIPPER 23’ out 2nd June

HARD-ONS new album 'RIPPER 23' out 2nd June

Iconic Australian punk mainstays, Hard-Ons, will be releasing their brand-new album ’Ripper ‘23’ worldwide, excluding Australia and New Zealand, on the 2nd of June via Golden Robot Records.

The new record is Hard-Ons through and through. Their 14th studio long-player, ‘Ripper ’23’ is just their second with new kid and You Am I ringleader, Tim Rogers, out front, joining lifers Ray Ahn, Peter Black and Murray Ruse, but their first with Rogers as a fully integrated member, contributing to song writing and arrangements. The difference is palpable, and the album will be an absolute treat to the ears of fans old, new and indifferent.

The record follows the band’s successful last outing, 2021’s Top 5 Australian national ARIA charting album, ‘I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken’.

Check out the video for ‘Ripper ’23’’s recently released first single, the frenetic pop-punk blaster, “Apartment For Two”, produced and directed by Jonathan J. Sequeira at Living Eyes. Written by Rogers and Black, the song is a perfect slab of what constitutes Hard-Ons, circa 2023.

The striking cover art and album title are inspired adaptations of the crass and outrageously sexist 1970s chart compilations unique to the Australian music marketplace (no, really, check them out!). But in the hands of Hard-Ons, it’s really just a bit, well, cheeky.

Fresh from a blitzkrieg European tour and soon to embark on further live dates, the band is endeavouring to reconnect with as many fans around the globe as possible, so stay posted for the opportunity to see Hard-Ons pass through your town soon!

’Ripper ‘23’ is due for release on the 2nd of June with varied coloured vinyl formats, black vinyl, CD and cassette coming soon. Oh, and something about digital whatever. “Apartment For Two” is out now! All via Golden Robot Records.



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