Haiku Hands: Pleasure Beast overview – an irreverent ode to letting unfastened | Haiku Hands

Haiku Hands: Pleasure Beast review - an irreverent ode to letting loose | Haiku Hands

It’s an album title that make the data motives clear and up-front — a heavyweight, intense celebration of hedonistic need. The file’s not too far off from this; over its runtime, you’re enveloped in frenetic, bombastic beats, cries of enjoyable and letting unfastened over digital music each trendy and refreshing.

The dance-pop group’s breakthrough single, 2017’s “Not About You,” excellently encapsulates what would outline their sound going ahead: brightly Australian-accented voices shouting dizzying, usually odd lyrics throughout bouncy soundscapes. It’s purely a great time, and Pleasure Beast largely focuses its vitality on the identical concepts. Songs like “Ma Ruler,” “Cool For You,” “Geddit,” and “Grandma” bounce to loud, assertive beats beneath equally assured lyrics. The file’s sidestepping opener, “All Across the World,” says to lose observe of the world’s better worries and dive headfirst into now: “All world wide there’s bombs going off / All world wide we’re nonetheless getting off,” they sing. Self-indulgent or self-saving? Their reply is obvious: Don’t give it some thought too laborious.

In fact, over 14 tracks, there’s solely a lot predictable, night-out lyricism to take. “Get it then, get some extra, it’s time to freak;” “Shake the shackles / All of the stress increase inside you;” “She obtained that bounce bounce bounce bounce child obtained bounce” all pepper the album.

Nonetheless, like was so evident in “Not About You,” Haiku Hands are smarter than to simply fill an album with simply seemingly AI-generated phrases. Not solely are their lyrics generally avant-garde, they’re additionally very enjoyable. On “To The Left,” a six-minute behemoth, they sing, “There’s no money again cash assure on the long run.” The left-field “Grandma” sees them wishing for a less complicated, older life: “You possibly can depart a message on the beep / I’m accomplished with all of the updates, the platforms, the content material / Are you able to and I simply sit right here and never converse?” On “Elastic Love,” the psychedelic observe pairs completely with lyrics that very might effectively have been written throughout an acid journey: “Below my tongue there’s love / All of the patterns open up.”

Pleasure Beast is as sensible as it’s enjoyable. Not solely does it not take itself too critically, as all dance albums ought to do, but it surely has the wherewithal to know that most individuals don’t seemingly hear to bounce albums, simply shuffle by dance playlists. However Pleasure Beast appears completely different – iconoclastic and unskippable, it’s the brash sound of a band who is aware of that music dictates the feelings of our life; pleasure, after all, being an important one.

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