Get to know New Orleans artist Donnie Fresh

Get to know New Orleans artist Donnie Fresh

Donnie Fresh (Donald Mutin Jr.) is a rapper, producer, songwriter and Mental Health Advocate born on May 3, 1997. 
He is on his way to becoming the next musical star out of New Orleans, LA with an electric style and flow the music industry has never seen. At his rate he could be one of the biggest names in the upcoming fill return of the music scene. His musical journey started at a very young age after he relocated to Houston, TX due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

 He knew he wanted to use his music as a way to convey emotions he has been through. His songs take you on a journey through heartbreak, success, losing a loved one, dealing with depression and many more experiences he has faced a long the way. In 2018 his path brought him alongside BeatKing and Lil Flip. During that time he discovered his unique style and voice. While touring with them he has learned a lot and is still on the journey to becoming the best rapper alive. 

He is heavily involved in raising awareness for Mental Health. Donnie Fresh has openly expressed his struggles with Depression and Suicidal thoughts. During one interview he also shared some of his battles with Xanax, Anxiety & PTSD but has remained clean since his addiction. His first album “Tales of Motel 6” hit 1.4 Million streams with his top songs “Numb” & “Truth Is” that did over 100,000 streams. Donnie’s next album, titled “Lucky 777” is expected to release at the end of October 2022. You can expect more songs that take you along a journey of upbeat, feeling good to songs that can help save your life.

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