Get ready to groove: P-Trapp’s new EP Carolanta is out now!

Get ready to groove: P-Trapp’s new EP Carolanta is out now!

Hip-hop artist P-Trapp wants his fans to be totally satisfied, and he’s got just the thing to help them out. His new EP Carolanta, which dropped today, has already been downloaded over 3,000 times in its half month of release! You can get your own copy at iTunes, apple music or Spotify right now – what are you waiting for? Get grooving with P-Trapp!

What are you in the mood for?

If you’re in the mood for a little pep in your step, hop on over to Spotify and give this new EP a listen. It includes 5 tracks, each one more upbeat than the last. The first track ‘Lean & percocet’ starts with some groovy guitar chords before hitting you with an upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics. The next track ‘NIGHTMARES’ has hints of reggae that make it perfect for a sunny day spent listening on the beach.

How will this make you feel?

No doubt P-Trapp is a great rapper  , but his music has so much more to offer. The first song on the album, Lean & percocet, has a smooth vibe with deep lyrics and an acoustic guitar, while Red Rum has all of the bounce and rhythm that you need for a party or workout. But it’s not just about what you can hear. P-Trapp also does beautiful things with their voice in some songs,  where they rap melodically over a heavy bass beat like, while others are sung as if they were poetry readings like Uplift. It’s hard to pick a favorite because there are no bad tracks here. “Sneakin & Geekin” and “On Dat” Tracks  will have your head bobbing back and forth, with infectious melodies and plenty of energy. For me, my favorite song is Red Rum , which sounds like it was inspired by ‘Current generation rock mixed with trap beats.

Listen it now 

P-Trapp along with 2 major artists M.O. Tha Don & HunchoBeezy just released their newest EP, Carolanta. It contains five upbeat tracks that will have you groovin the whole way through. Listen and download it on Spotify, Apple music and Itunes today! Loved what you heard. Be sure to share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter for more great music reviews like this one. For more updates Follow all Ledgends on instagram who create this awesome Ep  @ptrapp32, @pl4ldanny ,@huncho_beez

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