G Ben Israel launches new agency: Base Builders llc

G Ben Israel launches new agency: Base Builders llc

The democratizing within the music industry is growing faster than ever today. Music consumption is very different from what the music industry had a few years back. We have been looking at several new fluxes streaming YouTube and other V-log sites because of the overall growth in technology, but a human touch is always there.

With the overall growth in the music industry and looking after the new platforms galore each year and new mediums baseline to reputation is reshaping the audience trend. The expected growth is also putting the final touches of creativity cum technology to access the skyrocket and give tough time to upcoming artists.

As the music was growing rapidly and new gates were opening, and a new and creative blend of transformation was well underway, there was a slight barrier between the conceptual understanding of music and the audience. Looking into the limelight and turning a hobby into a lifestyle mission, G Ben Israel finally launched the music platform company, namely Base Builders LLC. A true love of music, G. Ben was always looking for ways to grip his love of music and provide a pathway for new upcoming artists where they have the feeling to grow beyond boundaries.

Chicago native and music connoisseur G Ben Israel took a personal hobby and turned it into a lifestyle. CEO of “Base Builders Co,” a promotion agency that provides industry-level exposure for the artist, G Ben paves a lane much needed for independent brands.

A simplified understanding of the business is that the company has an organic business method where the artists’ issues are thoroughly researched, and marketing strategies are carried forward with a plus in the media marketing world. Some artists do not dare to grow their business, and G Ben works with these struggling artists and helps them become music curators.

The new trend has been inspiring for many newcomers and uses marketing strategies on platforms like Apple, Spotify, Pandora, and not to mention YouTube. Base Builders is offering guaranteed results to artists everywhere.

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