Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes current new single, “Brambles”

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes present new single, "Brambles"

“Brambles” arrives as one thing of a plea for an ideal love. It’s a tune that probes for a solution to why we give ourselves over to the ache that may come from relationships.

“Brambles is a melancholic bop born from the bramble thorns of affection we let develop round us till we’re tangled with no methodology of escaping unscathed. Like our neural pathways turn into stronger and deeper with every unconscious motion, the thorns of affection hook deeper and the brambles wrap tighter till we’re barely recognisable and even our family members can not consolation us or lead us to security for worry of being reduce and torn themselves. An ode to the eagerness of affection and a warning to not get misplaced in it while you go searching,” Carter explains.

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