Foals – Life Is Yours

Foals - Life Is Yours

After an immensely dark period, not just globally but also with Foals’ last thematic venture, the light was always sure to return and does so here with extreme potency. A disco-pop beat quickly whirrs to life and kinetic compliance is highly encouraged on lead single “Wake Me Up”, slapping off any sense of the blues with rich rhythm, flourishing basslines and of course a stellar performance from Yannis Philippakis on high-reaching vocals and flittering guitars – the colourful tone manifested throughout is clear right from the start.

The powerful one-two punch of “2am” and “2001” delves deep into a rose-tinted nostalgia, overwhelming suffocated regrets in an adolescent reflection which brings up many images of a naïve but endlessly enjoyable youth, most importantly the sparks of defining memories from summers past. The latter of these two songs is a luxurious, bubbling ode to emerging into a new world of joyous possibility – phrases like, “lost in the sugar rush / violet sky / beachside candy cane” best describe the mountainous textures.

Lighter moments do follow, such as the fittingly airy atmosphere surrounding “Flutter”, allowing a pulsating bass to swell into a slow and seductive third-act swagger. Foals even put themselves to work conjuring up a trance track with the dazzling production of closer “Wild Green”, achieving a well-earned tranquillity following an elated journey that demands all the movement you can muster and delivers a hot, vivid audible escapade in return.

Foals manage to delight with invigorating innovation while simultaneously keeping their unique identity deeply engrained in a style that is as fresh as it is warm. Even in some mildly oversaturated corners (“The Sound”), a refreshing groove carries listeners through an empowering experience in record speed, with the replay button leering in plain sight. “I’ve been waiting all day inside / waiting for the summer sky”, Yannis sings on “2001”, and haven’t we all – Life Is Yours tells us that it’s well and truly here.

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