Fever Ray’s ‘Kandy’ Is Playfully Surreal | News

Fever Ray have shared new song ‘Kandy’.

The reclusive project returns this year, with long-awaited new album ‘Radical Romantics’ set to land on March 10th. Alongside this, you can catch Fever Ray touching down in London at Field Day in Victoria Park on August 19th.

New song ‘Kandy’ is online now, a playfully surreal jammer that fuses electro-pop sensibilities with a beat lifted from 21st century hip-hop production. As ever there’s an enormous sense of the theatrical to Fever Ray’s music, from Karin Dreijer‘s vocal, through to the multi-faceted production.

Their brother Olof Dreijer assists throughout, and he comments:

“I tried to tune in as much as possible into Fever Ray vibes and tried many different styles, or clothes as I usually say when I talk about different music production suggestions. But in the end we took out the same synthesizer, the SH101, used for The Knife track, ‘The Captain,’ and it just worked!”

The dazzling video makes full use of costumes and distorted colour, offering a portal into their new album’s dizzying realm.

Tune in now.

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