Faye Fantarrow: Support Floods In For Songwriter With Rare Tumour

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Support is flooding in for Sunderland musicians Faye Fantarrow who has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumour.

The songwriter is 20 years old, and carved put a reputation locally with her emotive, empathetic work. Carrying wisdom beyond her years, Faye’s work is rooted in a desire to communicate, and she’s bowled over those lucky enough to have caught her life.

Sadly, Faye Fantarrow has been diagnosed with an extremely rare brain tumour, placing her in a life-threatening situation. Cruelly, it’s the third time she’s been diagnosed with cancer, and she needs to raise over £450,000 to take part in a Stateside clinical trial.

Currently being mentored by Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, the music legend immediately donated £50,000; his old band mate Annie Lennox has also give generously.

News is spreading, with local musicians – including Tom A. Smith and the Lake Poets – putting on a gig at Sunderland’s vital DIY hotspot Pop Records this coming Saturday (November 26th).

I wondered if you might help share the story of young Sunderland musician Faye Fantarrow who has been diagnosed with a life threatening, extremely rare brain tumor and the third time in her brief 20 years on the planet that she’s been diagnosed with cancer (such an unimaginable situation for someone so young). She needs to raise over £450K to take part in a US clinical trial. Her mentor Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart has donated £50K and his band mate Annie Lennox has also given generously. 

A number of local musicians including Tom A. Smith and The Lake Poets are putting on a gig in the region at Pop Recs at 7pm on Saturday, November 26 to help raise more awareness and donations.

Currently she’s a quarter of the way to her target, but there’s a lot more work to be done. Setting up a Crowdfunder, you can get involved HERE.

Faye Fantarrow explains her story below…

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