Fat Joe Says He Might Be Jealous Of Drake: “Never Seen A Guy…

Fat Joe Says He Might Be Jealous Of Drake: "Never Seen A Guy...

Fat Joe hilariously explains why he’s jealous of Drake.

Fat Joe states that he might be jealous of the Toronto rap star because of his luxurious lifestyle. During his recent Instagram live session, the Terro Squad boss states that the 6 God didn’t even have to pay for some of his expensive possessions, which included his private Boeing 767 jet.

“Let me tell you why I might be jealous of Drake,” Joe said. “I’ve never seen a guy people love more. Because it’s rumors his airplane — which looks like the flyest plane in the world — was actually given to him by a friend. Someone who wants to be down with the man who has a 15-year run of unstoppable hits.”

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He continued, “Then there’s a guy who owns all the crypto sh-t, he buys the 2Pac ring for $1 million and he gives it to Drake. Who the f–k is giving people this type of sh-t? Yes, I’m not making this sh-t up!”

“Bro, they won’t give me a f–king pack of socks… They won’t give me a croissant. F–k, this some bullsh-t.”

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