Dylan James “Boy’s Yard” – Americana UK

Dylan James “Boy’s Yard” – Americana UK

As the eyes of the world turn to Qatar, Dylan James has focused his attention somewhat closer to home in a song inspired by watching his boys playing football in their back yard.  Of course, ‘Boy’s Yard’ is about much more than football.  It’s about nurturing hopes and dreams, about aspiration and ambition, about emulating our heroes and endeavouring to be our best selves.  With a driving, pulsing rhythm, insistent guitar and an absorbing melody, this is an infectious song that could easily be an anthem for everyone who dreams, not just those who love their football.  James explains the inspiration behind the song: “‘Boys Yard’ is about the making dreams you have as a kid come true and believing one day you’ll be your hero – it’s a fairy-tale of hope and excitement by living your fantasy in the safety of your own back yard.  I wrote it in lockdown with my boys trying to score in the top corner of a pint-sized goal mouth emulating their football heroes. It’s a song far deeper than football and the innocence of being a child before the darker side of life makes our dreams less of a reality.”

‘Boy’s Yard’ is the second single from London-based singer-songwriter James, the follow-up to ‘Let’s Talk’ earlier this year.  Both tracks will appear on James’s upcoming debut album ‘Expected to Fly’, produced by Matt Owens of Noah and the Whale and due for release in 2023.  Although this is the first time his songs have been shared with a larger audience, he’s actually been building a cult following for some years through the release of his rare home demos.  His songs blend ’70s-style singer-songwriter sounds with folk-rock and Britpop influences.  It’s a dynamic mix of styles and the result is a set of engaging new songs.  Enjoy.

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