DOBBY – Dirrpi Yuin Patjulinya (Radio Edit) Lyrics

Dirrpi Yuin Patjulinya, Singing his title all through the Riverina
I see the Kuguburra and Maliyan,
Dhinawan, I do know the Dhinawan a Religious creature

Dirrpi Yuin Patjulinya, I see the Mundagudda come out the River
They name him Wah Wae on the Barwon
I watch it remodel just like the Butterfly in a Caterpillar

I acquired no confidence in our present chief
Sick of struggling smoke smotherin’ emphysema
Towering flames howl and choke
your entire east coast, from Cairns all the best way right down to Bega

Hearken to a special thinker, Someone making an attempt to provide the greater image
Take what I realized and perceive,
that the Lesson within the rivers and the land, our Spirit Trainer

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