DJ Akademiks Says Drake Is On JAY-Z’s Level When It Comes To Double Entendre Bars

DJ Akademiks Says Drake Is On JAY-Z's Level When It Comes To Double Entendre Bars

DJ Akademiks praise Drake on Vlad TV.

DJ Akademiks doesn’t think Drake’s double entendre bars are an accident. The popular streamer and media personality was a recent guest on Vlad TV, where he was asked about Drizzy’s shot at Megan Thee Stallion on “Circo Loco”, in reference to her 2020 shooting incident.

“If you think there’s an accident with Drake rapping?,” he said with a laugh and shake of the head. “I put Drake on the level of JAY-Z with bars that are put in a particular sequence to mean something. Granted, do I think he’s taking a stance? No. Do I think he probably seen a way that he could do a [double] entendre? Yes, he’s a rapper. Whatever it is, I’m glad that he didn’t clear it up.”

“I was a little bit surprised that it all of a sudden became, ‘Oh, he’s against women,’” he added. “He did a bar that indirectly said some stuff – he’s not putting out a public statement on it. I’m surprised he ain’t take it off. Because he is a “safe” person.”

He continued, “But they’re calling Drake misogynistic. Drake spent an entire career rapping about buying girls ti*ties, a*s, taking ’em off the stripper pole, trickin’ on em. This is what Drake’s whole career is about.”

Drake linked up with 21 Savage for their new collab album “Her Loss“, where he took shots at Kanye West, Serena Williams’ husband, D.R.A.M. and more. The project received praise from fans and critics, and Drizzy also placed it in his top 5 best albums.

Check out Akademiks’ interview below.

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