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Nottingham group Divorce have shared new song ‘That Hill’.

The band have caused a ruckus with a string of essential singles, while debut EP ‘Get Mean’ is slated to land on December 2nd.

‘That Hill’ is the final preview to emerge, an intriguing piece of indie rock with post-punk indentations. Labelled a song of “sobering bitterness” by the band, it deals with the crushing impact of the everyday on your hopes and ambitions.

The Nottingham band attack this theme with real precision, while the music itself refuses to be hemmed in. The band’s Felix Mackenzie-Barrow explains…

“‘That Hill’ was written as something of a commitment to pursuing our dreams. The first lines came out of early morning shifts in a dead-end minimum wage job and the general chaos of trying to make a career of the thing you love most in the world. We’ve done a lot of driving around to gigs on no sleep and getting honked at by old men. Some of that absurdity found its way into the track”.

The full video is online now – check it out below.

Photo Credit: Rosie Sco

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