Diddy Praise DJ Khaled At His 47th Birthday Party: “Khaled Means Immortal”

Diddy Praise DJ Khaled At His 47th Birthday Party: "Khaled Means Immortal"

Diddy showers DJ Khaled with a heartfelt speech on his 47th Birthday party.

DJ Khaled turned 47 on Saturday (26th Nov.), and the record executive celebrated the occasion with a star-studded birthday party. Among other guests, Diddy was in attendance and praised Khaled in a heartfelt speech.

“For real Khaled, I was trying to think about like what I was going to say when I was giving you a toast and I was just like you’re one of the best friends a person can have,” he said in a toast to Khaled. “Your level of loyalty, your level of light, your fearlessness, your positive energy. Then like you’re so lovable.” “I appreciate your loving me as a friend. You was king down here in Miami and look at you now. God did.”

He continued, “Khaled means immortal and I have to say the only thing to survive is the songs. The songs will survive. Your songs, your hits, and your talent will live on forever. Happy Birthday, DJ Khaled make some noise.”

For Khaled’s birthday, Drizzy also surprised him with four high-tech toilets. “My brother Drake just bought me and my family about four big toilet bowls,” Khaled said. “This is called a Toto toilet bowl. I’m not even joking Drake… we been wanting this. Me and my queen been talking about getting Totos for the whole house.”

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