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London duo deary have shared their beautiful new single ‘Fairground’.

The new track is a dream pop jewel, a shimmering piece of songwriting that is somnambulist in tone, and hazy in execution. All soft edges and billowing sonics, ‘Fairground’ twirls around a gentle rhythm engine, one that recalls Saint Etienne in its subtlety.

Out now via Sonic Cathedral, ‘Fairground’ represents their debut single, and it’s a fine introduction. You can hear aspects of Slowdive in there, alongside Portishead’s more twilight moments, but comes through most urgently of all is a fine, original voice.

The song began as a letter to a loved one from singer and guitarist Dottie. She explains…

As a kid, I found fairgrounds incredibly overwhelming, an entanglement of anxiety and perplexity. This is how London feels to me now. The excitement of the lights and the noise can sometimes leave you pondering the meaning of it all.

I am constantly astounded by the vibrancy, community and creativity that surrounds me every day. At the same time, the corruption in our society is inescapable. The letter now is a reminder to be cautious of going too fast and missing the important things.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Juno Jou

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