Cold – VX

Cold – VX

In this age when the internet and media effectively mean that information about a celebrity, sports star, or musician can never be discovered, the fact that we have an artist going only by the moniker VX is an intriguing prospect. And mystery sells; mystique is the new currency, especially when every detail of everyone’s life seems to be common knowledge.

So, what do we know about this beguiling character? Having spent his formative years partly in India and partly in New York, he turned his back on what could have been a promising academic or business career and decided to devote his life to music. Timing, however, was both a blessing and a curse. While the middle of the pandemic and the associated lockdowns may have slowed down his initial trajectory, the battles he faced during those times did help create his first single, All I Need.

Now, he is back with a new release, Cold, a song discussing love, longing, and loss, primarily where relationships and dating are concerned, a song which in turn also showcases his performing prowess and lyrical mastery to their fullest.

VX might be a mystery, but the success of Cold is a certainty.

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