Cochise – HYDROPLANE Lyrics

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He thought we was playing boy its up
We not wit da playing keep it tuck
Keep a cool 500 in the truck
Kami on my chest
Baddie on my left
We was in the west
Know I made a mess
Brand new vivenne
Bet I rock the best
I’m like n**** who you testing
Big stepper , I’m like n**** who you testing
N**** wanna try me we go pull up with them weapons
Counting all my money while I’m counting on my blessings
Hitting on ya shawty we go bring her in the Westin
No no no no I ain’t with the questions
Baby imma teacher imma show that girl a lesson
Pull up on that n**** I’m
Like n**** who ya pressing
Why they all on me
Why dese n***** green
Had pray again
Thought this was a dream
Bad bih got some big tiddys think they double d
Gap tooth ed Ed’s n eddy bae I’m double d
He said he was wit da action be he fled the scene
Asking me what happen I start acting like I’m mr.bean
He said he was packing grab a napkin wipe his sleeve
She like do you love me I’m like baby what that mean
What you meaning
What you meaning
She start talking I start leaving
I’m not sorry
Cause you sleeping
Why these n***** so damn mean to me
Why these n***** so damn mean to me
Why these n***** so damn mean to me
He said he was getting money why ya acting

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