Cassidy Says Eminem Has To Face Him For Best Battle Rapper

Cassidy Says Eminem Has To Face Him For Best Battle Rapper

Cassidy shows the desire to do a song with Eminem.

Cassidy was a recent guest on Fresha Than and Rashaun Abdur-Rahim’s podcast ACAF, where the acclaimed battle rapper says if someone like Eminem has to claim the title for the best battle rapper, they have to get in the ring with him.

“If somebody wants to claim the title, like Eminem or somebody who would have to come back and get actually in the lane, they are out to claim that they are biggest battle rapper because, as at this point right now, it’s me.” he said.

He continued, “Nah, I’m a fan of Eminem. I wanna work with him. I ain’t really trying to battle him but I battle anybody. I battled myself before so I battle anyone.”

Previously, Cassidy also stated that the Detroit rapper is the only one that would excite him to do a battle. “The only artists that I would get excited about are those that accomplished more than me in this world,” said Cassidy. “Any battle rapper that you will bring up I’m not gonna feel, like not taking anything away from battle rappers but I just felt like I accomplished more than any other battle rapper. I would get excited about somebody like Eminem, definitely, I want that.”

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