Casper Caan’s ‘Pretty’ Is A Surging Piece Of Alt-Pop | News

Casper Caan's 'Pretty' Is A Surging Piece Of Alt-Pop | News

Casper Caan broke new ground with his debut single ‘Last Chance’.

An emphatic statement, it won a prominent placement in Electronic Art’s massive FIFA 22, bolstering its viral status.

The NYC polymath returns with new single ‘Pretty’, melding together elements of indie rock, electronic production, and some classic songwriting tropes.

The thumping backbeat is set against lyrical poignancy, while ‘Pretty’ also blends analogue techniques with some hyper-futuristic viewpoints.

Building to that emphatic call-and-response climax, ‘Pretty’ resonates with additional colour in its vivid video.

Renowned visual artist Jonathan Zawada crafts the video, and it pushes Casper Caan’s work into a different dimension.

Tune in now.

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