Cashmase sends warning shot to Tory Lanez for scamming him out of 30k.

8DEC0C98-18CF-43C1-969C-2CECFF85045E-500x500 Cashmase sends warning shot to Tory Lanez for scamming him out of 30k.

Houston Recording Artist Cashmase, does not seem to be letting up in his social feud with Tory Lanez after the claim that the Canadian rapper scammed him out of 30 thousand dollars, stated on a podcast earlier this month. During the segment Cashmase was asked if he had been scammed during his growth as a recording artist. In his response he stated that he paid a total of 30k in expenses to get a feature with TL for his song titled “Coochee,” and then Tory’s camp basically ghosted him on the release of the record.

The track, now complete with a Tory Lanez feature, is still being held in Cashmase’s computer hard drive, pending the approval for release that Tory Lanez and management agreed to. Since the issue has arisen, Cashmase says he tried the political route, asking Tory and his camp for approval via text, email and DM, and to this point he’s been ignored.

Now, it seems the artist is taking matters to another level, via social media. When he (Cashmase) posted the initial video, Tory Lanez fans were showing skepticism if the story was true. But Cashmase has released a googled paparazzi photo in which it shows him standing behind Lanez backstage then later onstage during 2018 V-103 Winterfest at State Farm Arena on December 15, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia., solidifying their relationship at one point.

In the post Cashmase stated:

“Held you down in the A when you felt unsafe and then u decide to steal from me. Just understand there’s no expiration date.”

From a readers standpoint, Cashmase is saying that when Tory came to his city, the Houston rapper was asked to show up as an additional piece of his entourage to help keep the artist (Tory Lanez) safe, and then after the encounter, TL stole from him.

The story leaves Cashmase and Tory Lanez fans equally intrigued by the timeline, but we are sure to gain more as the feud continues.

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