CammyTheKid Drops “CJC Baby” Album

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Cameron Justin Collett (CJC) aka CammyTheKid drops a new album called “CJC Baby” online everywhere now! CammyTheKid is from New York and started making music when he was 17. Now at the age of 24, he has honed his skills and developed his craft. He has been into music since he was young but started taking his passion more seriously in the last few years. His aim is to make himself and his people proud with is work and has come a long way in terms of conquering life’s challenges while creating music.
He has a wide range of inspirations such as Lil Wayne, Future, and Young Thug but mostly admires Youngboy NBA and listens to him every day. The balance of Youngboy’s creativity and productivity has influenced CammyTheKid to also go hard in making cutting-edge music mixed with lyricism and great beats.
He wants people to understand that his music is authentic and represents how he is feeling as well as how others are feeling. He expresses these feelings on the microphone. Everything from, toxic relationships, his mood and mindset, and a 1000 different kind of emotions and experiences. This has all made him realize what he wants in life and the difference between good and bad behavior and decisions. He is coming into his own and turning into an artist that people want to check out. He is learning to adapt and adjust to different types of beats and flows and the more He works at it the Better  he is getting! He says in an official quote that “music has always been in me and God has been waiting for me to take to next level”. He is now doing JUST THAT!
His family is his purpose to work so hard ! He is pushing to become the best person he can be for his family’s sake. His career is starting to take off and he has been collaborating with more artists and producers. He has done music with Yung Bino in Houston, Texas making almost a whole alnum together and ever since then they stay in contact. Soon they will be dropping a song called “Janet Jackson” featuring Rich the Kid.
His songwriting process is professional and he tries his best to memorize or know all his lyrics and flows before he goes into the studio. He tries to capture the essence of freestyling from the heart and still practices free styling over new beats to sharpen his skills. To create his best and most professional work he writes lines in his notes all day finding inspiration even just driving around. Then in his free time he makes songs off beats he likes and memorizes it until its time to hit the studio. One of his goals is to sharpen his skills and build a buzz big enough to collaborate with Youngboy NBA.
He recently dropped a new 8-song album called “CJC Baby”. He called it that because the letters are his initials , and he wanted people to know it’s him , this is how he is coming, and that he is done playing with all professional work dropping here on out! The album has three songs featuring Yung Bino who has helped him in the music industry a whole lot posting on social medias and helping to connect to other artists, celebrities, influencers, and athletes.
He is excited and worked really hard to be where he is at now. Everyday sacrificing partying and hanging out with friends to working out and working on music has helped to make him a better person.
A day in Cammythekid’s shoes looks like healthy balance of promotion, business, and athletics. He keeps a clear mental slate and tries to get everyday off to a good start! He is hooked on self0-improvement and this is evident in his music and lifestyle. He is business minded with a startup modeling agency and celebrity influencer marketing. In support of his new album he has a single called “Ill’er” both the album and single are streaming after the jump!
You can follow him on Instagram , Twitter , YouTube, Facebook , and Tiktok.
You can find his music on ALL streaming platforms.
Stay tuned here to for more work soon from Cammythekid!

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