Busta Rhymes Salutes Eminem For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Busta Rhymes shouts out Eminem for hall of fame induction.

It’s been a couple of months since Eminem was inducted into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the rapper is still getting wishes from his fellow artists. The Detroit rapper’s “Calm Down” collaborator Busta Rhymes sends late wishes for the induction into Rock Hall.

“I know I am Super late on this but I gotta Salute one of my favourite MCs to ever touch the microphone and congratulate him on his Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction!! Eminem, Well deserved and Don’t Stop Ever King!!,” he wrote.

During his speech, Eminem named over 100 of his rap influences in the long speech, which he started listing 10 days prior to the Hall of Fame ceremony. In the ceremony, the rapper also performed a set of six songs, with assistance from Ed Sheeran and Steven Tyler.

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