Boy Dylan Says He’s A Fan Of Eminem & Wu-Tang Clan

Boy Dylan Says He's A Fan Of Eminem & Wu-Tang Clan

Bob Dylan praises Eminem and Wu-Tang in a new rare interview.

Bob Dylan, the legendary singer-songwriter connected with The Wall Street Journal for a new rare interview, where he discussed a range of topics. He was asked about how he discovers new music, to which he said “mostly by accident.” “If I go looking for something I usually don’t find it. In fact, I never find it. I walk into things intuitively when I’m most likely not looking for anything,” he said.

The 81-year-old went on to name more than 20 artists that he’s neem listening to of late, where he also mentioned hip-hop pioneers Eminem and Wu-Tang Clan. “Performers and songwriters recommend things to me. Others I just wake up and they’re there. Some I’ve seen live … Zach Deputy, I’ve discovered him lately. He’s a one man show like Ed Sheeran, but he sits down when he plays,” he added.

“I’m a fan of Royal Blood, Celeste, Rag’n’Bone Man, Wu-Tang, Eminem, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, anybody with a feeling for words and language, anybody whose vision parallels mine.”

Dylan described how, in the 1950s, he initially developed a passion for music, resorting to then-new mediums like the radio, transportable turntables, and jukeboxes: “Without postwar technology these songs may have dissipated and been overlooked,” he said. “The recording process brought the right people to the top, the most innovative, the ones with the greatest talent.”

It’s not the first time Dylan mentioned Eminem, as he also shouted him out back in 2001 during an interview with Time. At that time, he revealed that he hadn’t listened to much of the Detroit rapper’s music, but stated that Shady was “doing something right.” “I almost feel like if anything is controversial, the guy’s gotta be doing something right,” he said.

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