Bobby Lee “Reds For A Blue Planet” – Cosmic-Drone-Americana – Americana UK

Can we really have reached the end of January without an instrumental track feature?  Seems so, and that doubtless explains why January has been such a drag – I mean, not even a few minutes to tune out, get mindful and escape all those endless words.  All that comes to an end with today’s contribution to what we like to call Americana UK’s Grooveful Mindquest of Instrumental Mindfulness And Consciousness Awakening.

Reds for a Blue Planet‘ weaves many strand together – there’s a psychedelic blues base, there’s a hypnotic almost drone that recalls the true Desert Rock of the likes of Tinariwen, and there are elements of a country ambience and all this is fused together to make a cosmic vision.  It’s taken from Bobby Lee’s third album ‘Endless Skyways‘, which features the percussion of Slowdive/Mojave 3’s Ian McCutcheon and the sinuous bass of Mark Armstrong.  The album is out this spring, when the shoots rise and the stars are right..   

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