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English songwriter Billy Lockett has shared his new single ‘You’re Not Alone’.

Out now, it closes another memorable year for the songwriter. New album ‘Abington Grove’ – named in honour of the street his father grew up on – lands on February 17th, and Lockett matched studio sessions to live commitments.

New single ‘You’re Not Alone’ is a neat, choppy return, its fun hooks matched to a tale of resignation. Constructed alongside Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Steph Marziano, there’s a bewitching dichotomy of light and shad at work in the new release.

Billy Lockett comments: “It’s about that moment when you admit defeat, come clean, and escape the chaos of life. It’s the only guitar song on the album, and I think it feels refreshing.”

“I love some of the lyrics, particularly things like ‘the leg I had to stand on finally broke’. It’s very freeing to me, a kind of ‘fuck everything let’s run away’ vibe. I’m really proud of this one!”

The full video for ‘You’re Not Alone’ is out now, and it offers a behind-the-scenes on the life of an artist. Billy explains…

“Being a solo artist can be quite a lonely life, I spend most of my time either alone in my studio making music or driving around to shows in my car. I wanted the video to show that as soon I get on stage and see people singing my songs I don’t feel alone anymore, everything clicks into place, I wanted the video to show both sides of the job. Love the little cameo from my mum too, any excuse to get her involved haha.”

Tune in now.

Billy Lockett went deep for Clash on themes of music, and mental health in this lengthy op-ed.

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