Big Sean Says Kanye West Owes Him $6 Million | News

Big Sean Says Kanye West Owes Him $6 Million | News

Big Sean has accused Kanye West of owing him $6 million in a new interview.

Big Sean has previously worked with G.O.O.D. Music, and indemnity between the two artists sparking throughout 2021.

The rapper hasn’t been happy with his deal, nor with Kanye’s promises to give artists ownership of their masters – a promise Big Sean says remains unfulfilled.

Speaking on the Drink Champs podcast, Big Sean told hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN: “I put at least $30million in (Kanye’s) pocket or more, and he owes me money”.

Big Sean launched his own label in October, explaining that he spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” auditing his own label “thinking Universal owed me this money, and the money had been paid to GOOD Music”.

“Let me ask you bro, if someone owed you $500,000 how would you feel?” he asked, before amplifying the amount to $6 million.

He commented: “What if they owed you that, bro? And you showed up for them and you did all these things, and they have billions?”

Big Sean added: “I got an auditor, this isn’t me making up a number.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Big Sean confirmed that despite his public pronouncements Kanye has not given him ownership of his masters.

Check out the podcast below.

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