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Image of Ben Q Portable Projector

The BenQ GV30 is the size of an old-school alarm clock and yet squeezes in two speaker drivers plus a small subwoofer. It promises to chuck out a 100-inch HD image (720p for the geeks) and ‘cinematic’ sound to instantly convert your bedroom into a home cinema.

Its rechargeable battery enables you to bring your choice of entertainment to a roof terrace or a garden and this is rated at 2.5 hours, enough to plough through Martin Scorcese’s The Last Waltz without resorting to a power cable. You can also stream videos from a nearby phone without additional gizmos because it has Android TV and AirPlay baked-in.

The projector is designed to tilt upwards from its floor stand and has image correction, so there’s no need for a fancy mount nor a convenient table. BenQ says the device will have a ‘daytime mode’ which will crank up the contrast to cope with sunshine. Even so, with a maximum brightness of only 300 lumens, it’s likely to work far better in sepulchral gloom.

The GV30 is available to pre-order now at the BenQ website. Available now HERE.

Words: Alex Pell

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