Ava Lily’s ‘Happy Switch’ Embraces Sobriety | News

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R&B riser Ava Lily has shared her new song ‘Happy Switch’.

Out now, it leads into her upcoming EP, and marks her second drop of year. If the wide-open emotion of ‘Nobody Breaks My Heart Like I Do’ won over fans, then this new single doubles down on the empathetic streak shown by her songwriting.

Out now, ‘Happy Switch’ is about embracing sobriety, and how this clear-headed perspective allowed Ava Lily to fully re-assess her life. A song about moving beyond trauma, the soulful vocal rings out pure and clear, Ava’s innate sense of control lingering over every word.

‘Happy Switch’ engages with life, and there’s an enduring optimism to Ava’s work. She comments…

“I wrote this song in my early days of sobriety and I was just tired of feeling all my feelings. A lot of stuff bubbles to the surface when you get sober, especially at night. I was like, ‘I need a happy switch so all the bad stuff can go away for the night and I can fall asleep’.”

Produced alongside Gary Go, you can check out ‘Happy Switch’ below.

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