Asya Satti Taps Into Her Heritage For ‘Look At You Now’ | News

Asya Satti has shared her remarkable new single ‘Look At You Now’.

The London based singer has both Swedish and Sudanese heritage, allowing her music to draw on multiple sources. Colour-laden pop music that looks to different traditions, she’s an inventive, open songwriter who continually surprises.

Take new single ‘Look At You Now’. Dipping back into her Sudanese heritage, the playfully complex rhythms drive her voice to fresh levels. Uniquely infectious, it’s a refreshing dose of soulful pop, delivered from the heart.

She comments…

“‘Look At You Now’ is about being human with all the emotional complexities that comes with. It’s about
seeking forgiveness for the times you were cruel to someone you love, and moments when you could have stood up for someone you cared for – but didn’t. The song is a mea culpa, saying you’re sorry for acting like that, and wishing you could go back in time and undo the pain caused.”

The track was constructed by Asya alongside Yaz Fentazi, who has worked with the likes of Transglobal Underground, Robert Plant, and The Master Drummers of Africa.

We’re able to share the beautiful video, pieced together by film-maker Laura Geyer. Drifting between an animated dream-world and her everyday reality, it taps into the raw imagination of Asya’s songwriting.

Asya explains…

“I wanted the video to seem as though it could have been shot somewhere in the Sudanese savannah. When the opportunity to work with Laura Geyer presented itself, I loved the idea of her animation giving an African Anansi folklore spin to the video. Simeon Geyer’s cinematography was stunning and gave such a sense of freedom to the video…”

Tune in now.

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