As The Cannabis Industry Grows, King Palm Introduces Fresh Organic Rose Joint Cones

As The Cannabis Industry Grows, King Palm Introduces Fresh Organic Rose Joint Cones
Have you ever tried a pre-rolled cone made from organic, beautiful flowers? King Palm’s rose cones are natural, high-quality, and taste great. Rose petal cones are a fun, smooth smoking option that will bring the brightness of spring directly to your smoking spot.
Here’s the rundown on these unique rose cones and what it’s like to smoke them.

What Are Rose Joint Cones?

Rose cones are constructed using organic rose petals. King Palm ensures its rose petal cones are completely free from pesticides, dyes, and other harmful chemicals. When you smoke one of these rose joint cones, you know you’re only inhaling healthy flower material.

Each rose cone has a King Palm filter made from corn husks, keeping the rose cone entirely plant-based. They provide exceptional filtration and won’t allow any cannabis to travel up the rose petal cone.

You can see the different distinct petals making up the pre-rolled cone, creating a unique and beautiful look. Anyone who sees you smoking a rose petal cone will immediately want to have a taste!

How to Use a Rose Petal Cone

To use a rose joint cone, grind your cannabis into smaller pieces that will fit into the cone. To start filling the rose cone, put the herb in the bottom end (the wider side without the filter). Do this over a rolling tray to avoid wasting weed.

To fit in the maximum amount of cannabis possible, you’ll need to pack down the herb in your rose petal cone. A packing tool is included with each rose cones packs for sale. Additional packing tools are available for sale here.

Continue to fill and pack until only about a quarter of an inch is left at the bottom of your rose cone.

If you’re used to packing hemp paper pre-rolled cones, be gentler when filling and packing these rose cones. They’re strong and can easily withstand filling, but remember that they’re still made from delicate petals.

The Experience of Smoking a Rose Cone

Get ready for an all-natural smoking experience with Rose petal cones. They smell great right out the box too!

You’ll be able to tell that these rose cones are fresh from the second you open the package. You can smell the rose joint cones before you even smoke them. When you touch the rose cone, you’ll feel healthy, fresh rose petals, not dried, stiff flowers.

Smoking a rose petal cone is a delicate experience. It tastes sweet and floral while not approaching a flavor that’s too strong. The smoke tastes clean and pure while giving a hint of the flower’s essence.

One of the best parts of these roses joint cones is their smell. After you smoke a rose cone, your room will smell like a field of roses. You’ll feel like you’re in a botanical garden, even if it’s the middle of winter.

Rose Joint Cone Models Available

These Rose cones stand out above other available options. Their king-size rose joint cones fit lots of dry herb and are easy to pack. You can rest assured that all of their rose cones are made from organic, ethically-harvested rose petals.

You can get your rose cones in three colors: Pink, Purple, and Gold. Each shade has a unique and captivating look. The color differences in the rose joint cones are created using natural methods without any toxic dyes or chemicals.

You can buy a single rose cone to try the experience, or purchase a three-pack for several luxurious smokes. You can share them to have a unique toking experience together!

Furthermore, you can also purchase these rose petal cones with a premium wooden tip. The airflow through the tip has a cooling effect, making the smoke less harsh on your lungs. The wooden tip increases the rosy smell, too.

Lotus Flower Pre-Rolled Cones

The newest product is the lotus flower pre-rolled cone. It’s for your cannabis connoisseur who wants to try something that’s never been seen before.
The lotus flower pre-rolled cone tastes sweet and flowery. The flavor isn’t as strong as the rose cone’s, but that isn’t bad. The subtle taste of lotus flower makes the pre-roll a special discovery for anyone who smokes it.

Enjoy Your Rose Petal Cone!

Want to try rose petal cones? This cannabis smoking accessory brand is the leader in plant-based pre-rolled cones, so you can trust them to make a quality rose cone or lotus flower pre-rolled cone that will smell and taste great.

If you want to add more nature to your smoking routine, check out the company’s natural pre-rolled cones. Made from the Cordia leaf, they contain no added chemicals and are harvested carefully to preserve the integrity of the plant.

They also have all the accessories you might need to use your rose cones, including grinderspacking sticksrolling trayslighters, and more. They’re your one-stop shop for classy cannabis smoking accessories.

Now sit back, light up your rose cone, and let the smell of spring wash over you…

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