ANOHNI and Marti Wilkerson announce new book and companion compilation about Blacklips theatre collective

The Blacklips: Her Life and Her Many, Many Deaths book is co-edited by ANOHNI and Marti Wilkerson, and will feature photographs, scripts, and assembled ephemera from over 120 original plays by the Blacklips Performance Cult – the avant-garde theatre collective that was co-founded by ANOHNI in 1992 with her collaborators Johanna Constantine and Psychotic Eve. A variety of artists, drag queens, punks, nightlife veterans and students performed a new play every Monday night at 1am at the now-closed Pyramid Club on Avenue A.

ANOHNI and Wilkerson are also putting out a companion compilation titled Blacklips Bar: Androgyns and Deviants – Industrial Romance for Bruised and Battered Angels, 1992–1995, which includes original recordings and select DJ tracks from the Blacklips vaults. Two songs from the compilation have been shared today, including “Rapture” by ANOHNI as Fiona Blue, and “Satan’s Li’l Lamb” by James F. Murphy.

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