Alter Bridge w/ special guests Mammouth WVH and Red.

Red Mystic Showroom 2 17 2023-3


The band Red opened the show. I must admit I’d never heard of them before this, and it turns out they have I believe seven albums out and have been around for over a decade. I did look them up online and there was some indication that they might be a Christian rock band. Not that that matters but I don’t really understand because it didn’t feel that way.

I’m not very familiar with them as I said so I can’t say much other than they put on a really good performance, and they seem to be a solid band. They fit right into the genre with so many other bands right now that are on the heavy side of melodic rock. There is a feeling of similarity there when I watch them perform. They would fit being well with a lot of different touring bands whether it would be Shinedown, Disturbed, Volbeat or any other band in that classification. If you like any of those bands give red a listen.



Mammoth WVH was a band I’ve been very excited to see. They’ve been to the Minneapolis area several times supporting other bands, but I was never able to see them play live. As a huge fan of Van Halen, I could not wait to hear what Edwards son Wolf had to offer. In one word, incredible! I was so incredibly impressed by this young man’s performance. Not only the well written songs but his band is top notch.

As I looked at him, I could see so much of his father and his mother in him yet it sounds nothing like Van Halen. That’s something I’m very happy about. I have nothing but incredible respect for this young man. He is carving his own musical path and not resting on his father’s shoulders. To any old school Van Halen fans out there that are angry with him for not playing Van Halen songs, Fuck you!



My intention has been to pick up his CD and it’s like anything else in life at times. I have the thought and then I forget about it and months go by. But I’m going to make a conscientious effort this week to go out and pick up his CD. I was really impressed with the entire performance and everything he had to offer. I’ve said this in many other reviews as well, he thanked the audience several times for being there and appreciated the fact that they were there to listen to his music. The reception for him was overwhelming. There were a lot of people there to see Mammoth WVH and now I understand why. This young man is going to be a superstar. Some may argue that he already is. Check out his CD, the music is great.

Headliners Alter Bridge could be the best kept secret in rock’n’roll. That’s probably odd for many of you reading this review that are already fans of the band. Considering they’ve been around for 19 years now I’m shocked more people that are just average rock fans don’t know much about them. The people that showed up of course were hardcore fans and they sold the place out. As they should because they are simply amazing.

I said to Scott their drummer that they are Cheap Trick good. For me that’s the best compliment I could ever give another band. The songs are well written, the musicianship is absolutely over the top and how can anyone dispute the fact that Myles Kennedy could be one of the best voices in rock’n’roll right now.



I must admit, I’m guilty of not knowing their material. But that’s going to change. I photographed him probably four or five times over the last seven or eight years and I always walk away going wow those guys are amazing. But like what I mentioned earlier in this review, you get home and forget to go to the store to buy the CD. I know I’m old school and forget that I can just go to Spotify. But I like to support the bands and purchase their music. Which is a subject for another time.

Alter Bridge played for almost 2 hours, and no one left until the last note was played. They’re one of those rare bands that you could take any rock fan to that knows nothing about them and will walk away as a fan. The most common thing I heard from the new people last night that was their first-time seeing Alter Bridge was I can’t believe I didn’t know about this band before. They are a band that deserves your respect and your attention as a rock fan. When we have so many bands going the route of cookie monster vocals, here’s a straightforward Hard Rock band that pulls no punches. drop whatever you’re doing today and either hop online to check them out or run to your local music store and buy one of their many CD’s.

This tour runs for several more months from what I can see. Check your local Pollstar website, bands in town or local paper to find out if they’re going to visit where you live.  The name of the tour is the same as their new album, Pawns and Kings. When this leg ends, it looks like the will be hitting the road in May with Sevendust.

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