Alien Tango delivers new song “Lemme Go”

“Lemme Go” will appear on the London-based, Spanish musician’s debut album with January’s “B.F.F.” and last year’s “1000 Years” singles.

Alien Tango, real name Alberto García, says of the new release, “One of the first songs I made for the album and a live favourite, “Lemme Go” is a tune about a terrible Tinder date you are trying to run away from. When I started I really wanted to make a full-on heavy metal album but it somehow ended up being only this one song. It’s also loosely about when you are trying to break up a relationship with somebody who just doesn’t get the memo. It has a super mellow acoustic interlude featuring vocals by Spanish indie star Anni B Sweet.”

Alberto spent around a year-and-a-half to write and record Kinda Happy, Kinda Sad in his bedroom, and says the finished product “might be the musical equivalent of a toddler trying to 3D-render Picasso’s Guernica.”

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