ALBUM REVIEW: Frédéric Slama’s AOR – L.A. Suspicion


I’ve always had a soft spot for the classy AOR of Frédéric Slama, who since 2000, has released an incredible 21 AOR albums. Featuring, as always, a who’s who of West Coast and Melodic Rock players this year’s release ‘L.A. Suspicion’ is one of the very best. 21 albums in 22 years is by anyone’s standards a rather prolific output, and whilst stylistically we’ve aways been in the same ball park, the quality of the material has been the key for Slama’s success.

This is AOR to take you back to the sounds of the 80’s and the likes of  Survivor, Foreigner, Toto or Journey and there are some great guest vocalists on show including Steve Overland (FM, The Ladder, Overland), Paul Sabu (John Waite, Silent Rage, Little America), Robbie LaBlanc (Fury, Blanc Faces, Find Me), Bill Kelly (Dakota), Steph Honde (Hollywood Monsters, Scream Taker), Markus Nordenberg (Coastland Ride, Pearls & Flames) & Michael Stosic (Solo Artist).

There are plenty of highlights here and not a bad track amongst them, but for me I love the assured smooth vocal of Robbie LaBlanc on ‘Cold Logic’, but it’s given a huge run for its money by the likes of the smoky ‘Stronger Than Desire’ featuring Steve Overland and Michael Stosic’s treatment of the wonderful ‘Lost In Cold Heaven’. It’s another winner!


Frédéric Slama: Guitars & Keyboards
Tommy Denander: All Instruments
Steve Overland: Lead & Background Vocals
Paul Sabu: Lead & Background Vocals
Robbie LaBlanc: Lead & Background Vocals
Markus Nordenberg: Lead & Background Vocals
Steph Honde: Lead & Background Vocals
Bill Kelly: Lead & Background Vocals
Michael Stosic: Lead & Background Vocals

Songs & Singers
1. A Smile In My Heart – Steph Honde
2. The Girl You Won’t Leave Behind – Markus Nordenberg
3. Cold Logic – Robbie LaBlanc
4. Stronger Than Desire – Steve Overland
5. Arrow Thru’ My Heart – Steph Honde
6. Scene Of The Crime – Markus Nordenberg
7. Street Of Illusions – Paul Sabu
8. Hold Back Tomorrow – Bill Kelly
9. Lost In Cold Heaven – Michael Stosic
10. A Broken Heart In Tokyo – Steph Honde

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