AAP Deno unveils a new single and music video entitled “Big Payment” via Epic Records.

On the track, a hummable clean guitar loop encircles punchy 808s, adding just the right amount of friction to the beat. AAP Deno stunts atop the verses with a smooth flow before he makes his demands crystal clear during the hook, “I need a big payment!” The accompanying music video spotlights his larger-than-life personality and vision. For as much as it celebrates the benefits of a “Big Payment, it also serves as a mantra of motivation.

He commented, “I definitely record off of emotion. ‘Big Payment is a song everyone can relate to. We all need a big payment, but it comes down to what you’re willing to put in. Everyone has a struggle, but don’t let it be your weakness. Just go out and work to get that big payment.”

It serves as the follow-up to this summer’s “Wishin” [feat. B-Lovee]. Beyond starting to react on streaming platforms, he turned up on UPROXX Sessions with a showstopping performance of the track. UPROXX immediately proclaimed, “It’s clear that AAP Deno and ‘Wishin’ are here to stay.”

Earlier this year, he ignited buzz with his independent project, SupaDave. Meanwhile, HipHopSince1987 applauded him as “a unique artist who combines the elements of going hard and creating music that you can bump to, but still focusing on keeping it real and relatable.”

However, it all just paves the way for his incoming next body of work—coming soon.

AAP Deno will be making more major moves in 2023. Stay tuned!

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