A third unreleased Olivia Rodrigo track “Do Better” is circulating online

A third unreleased Olivia Rodrigo track "Do Better" is circulating online

In high anticipation since the announcement, fans now have noticed that an unreleased song called “Do Better” has been leaked online. In a Reddit thread from 15 April, fans are sharing their mixed reviews on the track.

One person appeared to be slightly disappointed, saying: “hope this is just a sour outtake, i have really high hopes for her second album and this didn’t do it for me”, whilst another user had hope that the song was just an unfinished demo: “This version of the song is definitely unfinished, as I don’t see Olivia releasing anything this bare-bones (especially for a lead single). That being said, I don’t think her team would be trying to suppress the leak this much if it was just a SOUR scrap. But who knows…”

In March 2022, two songs surfaced online – “Strange” and “The Ones I Love” – which had fans on Reddit speculating whether they were new releases, or scrapped from SOUR.

One user suggested the songs came from the Dropbox of Rodrigo’s father: “His drop box got hacked and the songs got leaked. My guess is the songs were scrapped as they didn’t fit the album”, with another user voicing that if these songs are scrapped, it’s a shame that they weren’t put to use in any way: “It’s too bad they didn’t end up on as bonus tracks with some DH2U [driving home 2 u – Rodrigo’s Disney+ documentary film] studio versions on the one year anniversary of Sour.”

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