6LACK’s New Album “Since I Have A Lover” Review

6LACK's New Album "Since I Have A Lover" Review

6LACK returns after 5 years with his latest album “Since I Have A Lover”.

Since bursting onto the scene with his debut album “Free 6LACK” in 2016, the Atlanta-based artist has been hailed as a master of genre-blending, fusing elements of R&B, rap, and trap into a cohesive and unique sound. With his latest release, “Since I Have A Lover,” 6LACK continues to push the boundaries of contemporary music, crafting an introspective and deeply personal album that explores themes of loss, identity, and faith.

6LACK has returned with a highly personal and introspective album, ‘Since I Have A Lover’. With a sound that defies genres and a narrative bent that speaks to the Atlanta rapper’s life experiences, the project is a testament to his growth as an artist.

From the hauntingly beautiful opener ‘cold feet’ to the boom-bap physicality of ‘Inwood Hill Park’ and the classic 6LACK performance on ‘Fatal Attraction’, this album showcases the artist’s range and depth. Join us as we delve into the 19-track opus and explore the psyche of one of hip-hop’s most enigmatic talents.

At the core of “Since I Have A Lover” is 6LACK’s unyielding commitment to authenticity. As he told Apple Music in a pre-release interview, “I made it a priority to take care of myself first…” This empathetic selfishness is evident throughout the album, as 6LACK delves into his own feelings, stories, and narrative in a work that is truly singular in its faith in oneself.

The album opens with “cold feet,” a sparse and fragmentary track that sets the tone for the introspective journey to come. From there, “Inwood Hill Park” explodes with a boom-bap physicality and electronic paranoia, showcasing 6LACK’s ability to blend disparate elements into a cohesive whole. The title track, “Since I Have A Lover,” features woozy guitar chords and a nod to Millennial R&B jams, with a slight rock feel that is echoed throughout the album.

But it’s not just the production that makes “Since I Have A Lover” stand out. Lyrically, it’s one of 6LACK’s most daring works yet, delving into themes of love, faith, and the pressures of success. The album is a treatise on his life to date, and the experiences he has had both during his SoundCloud era and as a successful artist. Both poles seem to haunt the album, as 6LACK grapples with the weight of his own experiences and the expectations placed upon him.

Despite the weight of its themes, “Since I Have A Lover” is not without its moments of levity. “wunna dem,” featuring QUIN, is a standout track that showcases 6LACK’s ability to create infectious melodies that stay with you long after the album has ended. “Rent Free” is another highlight, a gentle banger that features some of the most vulnerable lyrics on the album. In it, 6LACK sings about a girl he can’t stop thinking about, despite the good and bad times they’ve been through.

One of the most striking things about “Since I Have A Lover” is its lack of features. Rather than relying on the guest culture that has become so prevalent in contemporary music, 6LACK keeps the focus squarely on himself, his voice, and his expression. There are only two guests on the album, QUIN and Don Toliver, and their contributions are minimal. This singular focus allows 6LACK to create a cohesive and deeply personal album that is truly his own.

Throughout “Since I Have A Lover,” 6LACK showcases his versatility as an artist, moving seamlessly between angelic R&B and harsh rap. In “preach,” he delivers one of his best rap performances yet, with hard-hitting bars that showcase his hunger for winning and his competitive nature. And while the album is undoubtedly dark and introspective, it never feels heavy-handed or overwrought. Instead, it’s a nuanced and complex work that rewards repeated listens and close attention.

Ultimately, “Since I Have A Lover” is a crowning statement from one of the most exciting and innovative artists working today. With its dense, complex, and introspective sound, it cements 6LACK’s place as a master of genre-blending, and a deeply personal LP.

As a music enthusiast, I can confidently say that 6LACK’s latest album, Since I Have A Lover, is nothing short of a masterpiece. From the first track to the last, the album is a cohesive body of work that showcases the artist’s talents, both as a singer and as a lyricist. It’s evident that 6LACK took his time to craft every aspect of this project, resulting in a seamless listening experience that demands multiple replays.

One of the most striking things about Since I Have A Lover is how 6LACK manages to maintain a consistent mood throughout the album. His vocals are in a droopy but confident pocket, perfectly complementing the moody production that is prevalent throughout the project. The album’s introspective lyrics revolve around the artist’s views on love, relationships, and the motivation that drives him. 6LACK doesn’t hold back in expressing his emotions, and his honesty is evident in every verse he delivers.

What sets Since I Have A Lover apart from other albums in the same genre is how 6LACK effortlessly blends different styles and sounds. He’s not afraid to experiment, and this willingness to take risks is what makes the album so refreshing. At times, the production feels dreamy, with lush instrumentation and hazy vocals. At other times, it’s dark and moody, with heavy basslines and haunting melodies. But through it all, 6LACK’s voice remains the constant, grounding the listener and providing a sense of familiarity amidst the ever-changing production.

It’s worth noting that Since I Have A Lover is not an album that can be fully appreciated on the first listen. The project requires multiple listens to fully unravel its complexity and depth. Every time I revisit the album, I discover something new, whether it’s a hidden vocal layer, a clever lyric, or a subtle production element that I hadn’t noticed before. It’s clear that 6LACK poured his heart and soul into this project, and the result is an album that rewards attentive listeners.

Another aspect of Since I Have A Lover that deserves praise is the artist’s ability to stay true to himself. Throughout the album, 6LACK never sounds like anyone but himself. His unique voice and perspective shine through in every song, and it’s clear that he’s not trying to conform to any trends or industry standards. This authenticity is what makes the album so special, and it’s what has endeared 6LACK to his fans over the years.

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