50 Cent Says Future Is Way Bigger Than JAY-Z In The Streets

50 Cent Says Future Is Way Bigger Than JAY-Z In The Streets

50 Cent agrees with Future calling him bigger than Hov in the Streets.

50 Cent made an appearance on MSNBC for an interview with Ari Melber, where the rapper discussed his new television broadcast deal with Fox, the 2024 elections, his debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin“ turning 20 and more.

During the interview, the host mentioned Future calling himself bigger than JAY-Z in the streets, and Fifty approved this statement. “Yeah. He is. Way bigger. Like, there is consistent music from him that didn’t that are huge records [in the streets] that people love and appreciate that,” he said.

Hov may not be more significant than Future in the streets, but he is named the greatest rapper by the recently released Billboard and Vibe’s Top 50 rappers list.

In December 2021, the Freebandz boss brought out Kanye West as a surprise guest in Rolling Loud California, after which he made some statements on his social media, including calling him bigger than Jay-Z. “I’m the only one can get YE to pull up whenever wherever..tuh,” he wrote in a tweet. “Everything I do legendary or it want get done. Tuh,” he said in another. “In the streets im bigger then jigga. Ima run me a B up easy,” he wrote.

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