50 Cent Announces He Will Drop New Music In 2023

50 Cent Announces He Will Drop New Music In 2023

50 Cent shows love for Eminem over the new Youtube milestone.

For the past few years, 50 Cent’s main focus has been on the tv industry as he gave several hit shows, and he also contributed through theme music. Now the rapper has made an announcement that he will be dropping new music in 2023, which could mean a possible album from the G-Unit mogul.

The Get Rich Or Die Tryin rapper took to his social media to celebrate Eminem’s youtube achievement, as he was named the rap artist with the most views on the video platform. Along with the shoutout to the Detroit rapper, Fifty also hints at new music this year, as well as movies and more TV Shows. “That’s my Boy,” he wrote. “Im gonna remind people i’m nice this year. New Music New Tv New movie let’s go!”

He also shared the full list of rappers, and he himself was the 10th most-watched rap artist worldwide with 1.8 billion views. “I didn’t put nothing out in a while [Smirk Emoji] I would be mad if i was new and i wasn’t on the list,” he wrote.

This year, an unreleased 50 Cent featured song “Is This Love” was released by Eminem and was recorded back in 2009. The song was dropped as part of Eminem’s second compilation album “Curtain Call 2“.

Apart from some songs and features, 50 Cent hasn’t released a full-length studio project since 2014, when he released his fifth album “Animal Ambition”.

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